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From 1989 to 1991 I performed in the Drama Theatre in Elbląg.   During my studies, between 1994-95, I was an actor in Teatr Powszechny in Łódź.  From 2000 to 2004 I performed in Kochanowski Theatre in Radom.  Between 2005 and 2008 I cooperated with Na Woli Theatre in Warsaw.

Major dates

  • 1970. 07. 27– date of birth (Starachowice)
  • 1990. 11. 15– theatrical debut (in the role of Perełka in The Revenge by Fredro, directed by Andrzej Walden in the Drama Theatre in Elbląg)
  • 1995- graduation (The Acting Department of the The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź)



  • 2013 - Hiszpanka, the role of the guard of the Prefecture of Police, directed by. Ł. Barczyk
  • 2013 - Barwy Szczęścia (Colours of Happiness), the role of the Doctor, episodes 869, 874, 878, 879, 883,
  • 2013 -Zagadka kapitana Z 24 (The Riddle of Captain Z 24), the role of Captain Z 24 (Siwiński), dramatised documentary for Polish T, directed by Włodzimierz Kuligowski
  • 2013 - Na krawędzi, the role of Doctor Jan, directed by M. Dutkiewicz
  • 2012 - Czas Honoru, Bujak PPS  directed by Michał Rosa episodes 8,9,10,11,12 season V
  • 2012- 31 in PRZEPIS NA ŻYCIE(A Recipe for Life - a TV series), cast member (Zygmunt, the boss of the DDR radio station),
  • 2011- OBRONA KONIECZNA (episode 66) in OJCIEC MATEUSZ(Father Mathew - a TV series), cast member (The pharmacist),
  • 2011- MAŁOLATA (episode 92) in OJCIEC MATEUSZcast member (the Bartender in the "Ramzes" bar),
  • 2011episode 35 in SZPILKI NA GIEWONCIE(High Heels on the Summit) – a series, cast member (the policeman),
  • 2011- episode 10 in UKŁAD WARSZAWSKI(The Warsaw Pact - a TV series), cast member (the police technician),
  • 2011- episode 8 in UNIA SERC(The Union of Hearts, a TV series),  cast member (the Beneficiary),
  • 2011- episode 31 in USTA USTA(Mouth to Mouth, a TV series) cast member (the social care employee),
  • 2010- IMPREZA POWITALNA (episode 398) in NA DOBRE I NA ZŁE(For Better or Worse – a TV series ) cast member (The policeman),
  • 2010- ZAKŁADNIK (episode 35) in OJCIEC MATEUSZcast member (the pharmacist),
  • 2010- WEEKEND(a movie) cast member (the bartender friend),
  • 2009- TATUAŻ (episode 3) in NAZNACZONY(Stigmatized - a TV series) cast member (the security gard in the editorial office),
  • 2008- KONKURS PIĘKNOŚCI (episode 12) in HOTEL POD ŻYRAFĄ I NOSOROŻCEMcast member (the shop manager),
  • 2008- DŁUG (episode 3), NARKOTYK (episode 4) in OJCIEC MATEUSZcast member(the inhabitant of Sandomierz; not listed in the credits),
  • 2008- SKORUMPOWANI(The Corrupt – a TV series) cast member (Doctor Lewandowski),
  • 2008- SKORUMPOWANI, Cast member(doctor Lewandowski),
  • 2007episode 8 in PRAWO MIASTA(The Law of the City – a TV series) cast member (the phone shop owner),
  • 2006- episodes 401, 404 in M JAK MIŁOŚĆ(L for Love a TV series) cast member (Robert Maj, the buyer of the Zdunskis’ house),
  • 2005- DZIEWCZYNA Z BAGAŻNIKA (episode 39) in KRYMINALNIcast member (the Mercedes’ driver),
  • 2005- MILIONERKA. Part 1 (episode 76) in PENSJONAT POD RÓŻĄ(a TV series) cast member (the constable),
  • 2005- 498 in PLEBANIA(The Vicarage, a TV series) cast member (the driver),
  • 2004-2012- PIERWSZA MIŁOŚĆ (2004 - 2012)(The First Love, a TV series) cast member (the Senior Inspector Ryszard Rucki, a police officer from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław, investigating the murder of Doctor Michał Stasiak, later a member of the Anti Narcotics Division in episodes 1178-1181, in episode 1185 appears under a different name: Kurski),
  • 2003- 141 in M JAK MIŁOŚĆcast member (Nowak, the representative of "AquaPolu"),
  • 2001- 1 in MARSZAŁEK PIŁSUDSKI(a TV series) cast member (a member of the PPS party present during Piłsudski’s wedding),
  • 1999-2000- CZUŁOŚĆ I KŁAMSTWA(Tenderness and Lies - a TV series) cast member (Marek, the manager of "Pędzący Jeż"),
  • 1999- KILER-ÓW 2-ÓCH(a movie) cast member (the carpet guy; not listed in the opening credits),
  • 1999- TYGRYSY EUROPY (1999)(Tigers of Europe - a TV series) cast member (not listed in the opening credits),
  • 1998- 11 in 13 POSTERUNEK(a TV comedy series) cast member (the razor man),
  • 1997-2012- KLAN(a TV series) cast member (the collector from the gas works; not listed in the opening credits),
  • 1997- KRONIKI DOMOWE(a movie) cast member (the youngster),
  • 1997- MARION DU FAOUET - CHEF DE VOLEURS(a TV series) ) cast member
  • 1997- MŁODE WILKI 1/2(a movie) cast member (the guard at the brewery),
  • 1997- PRZYSTAŃ (1997)(a movie) cast member (the course participant),
  • 1996- POZNAŃ 56(a movie) cast member (the policeman),
  • 1996- SZAMANKA(a movie) cast member (the medicine student; not listed in the opening credits),
  • 1995- DRZEWA(The Trees - a movie) cast member (not listed in the opening credits),
  • 1995- DZIEJE MISTRZA TWARDOWSKIEGO(a movie) cast member (king Henryk Walezy),
  • 1994- POLSKA ŚMIERĆcast member (The policeman),
  • 1993- SAMOWOLKA(a movie) cast member (Pawelec),